If you’ve traveled to Greece or Cyprus you will probably have come across one of these. If not I can already hear you say “what’s a frappe!”

A frappe is a frothy cold coffee usually served in the hot months of the year. A perfect way for everyone to get their coffee fix in the heat. 

These are usually prepared in various ways to suit your preference. If you order one or are lucky enough to be made one by a local you will be asked if you want it sweet (γλυκό / gliko), medium sweet (μέτριο / metrio), or plain (σκέτο / sketo). The preceding questions them follow to ask if you want it made with milk, half milk or without. If you haven’t already realised, Greeks are very particular about how their coffee is served. . . . Having said that we can all be a-bit temperamental before our first caffeine fix.

I love these on summer morning especially served with a nice side of watermelon and halloumi, or “koulouri biscuits”.

If you haven’t had one already why not try making your own. see my how to video: