This is a refreshing sorbet unlike any other. It is a favourite summer treat in Greece and Cyprus. I’ve wanted to recreate this so much as its synonymous with summer and nothing else really has the same flavours to substitute. Unfortunately its hard to come by in the UK unless you have a specialist deli near by so I have perfected the recipe to be as close as possible to what you get in in the the greek ice cream shops, and surprisingly it’s not that difficult to make!

This delicacy is referred to as ice cream in Greek (Pagoto Triantafillo / παγωτό τριαντάφυλλο) however its more akin to a sorbet (granita / γρανίτα) so its vegan friendly. It is made with rose cordial / syrup from the Damascus rose, called triantafillo, which translates to 30 petals which the rose has. . . . “There you go” as the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding would say. It also has hints of mastic and lime which are used in the recipe. You can usually buy rose cordial / syrup and crystallised mastic gum at the local delicatessen. As usual there are also products on amazon would recommend you can access via the word links above, and you don’t need to go hunting for one :D.

To created the sorbet I have used frozen raspberries in the mixture however you can use any sweet pulsey fruit or berries such as watermelon or strawberries. Using the fruit helps prevent large ice crystals forming in the sorbet and introduces natural sugars and fibre into the mix which helps make it easier to make and scoop and adds a little texture. I’ve used frozen berries which are usually sweeter, cheaper and available all year round. They also make it easier to mix as the cellulose in the fruit has already been broken down in the freezing process making it smoother to mix.

This can be prepared using an ice-cream maker, if you have one, or by had with only a little more effort and time. If using an ice-cream maker place in the machine and use the machines settings instead of placing into the freezer. Usually this only takes an hour and you probably wont have to touch this until its done.

4 cups (1 ltr)10 min’ 12 hours
12 hours 10 min’


  • 300ml Rose Cordial
  • 400ml Cold Water
  • 150g Frozen Raspberries
  • 2 Limes Juiced (~50ml)
  • 1/2 tsp Mastic (Ground)


To make the sorbet add the water, rose cordial, lime juice and mastic powder to a large jug and mix together.

Add the frozen raspberries to a large bowl or add to a food processor and purée the berries until smooth but not liquid.

Add the rose mixture to the puréed berries and continue to process until well combined.

Detach the processor container or empty the mix into a large container, big enough to use a potato masher to break up later. An old ice-cream tub is ideal if you don’t have one. Place in the freezer of 4 hours.

After 4 hours, once the mix has partially frozen, remove from the freezer and mash the mixture to break up any large ice crystals. 

Place back in the freezer and repeat at least one more time after another 4 hours and then leave overnight to set. The more you do mix this the more scoop-able the sorbet will become.

After the sorbet has set, serve using a warmed ice-cream scoop and enjoy as it is, or with fruit or as an refreshing accompaniment to any desert you like. My favourite is to have it with Cypriot Mahalepi. (Recipe included in the text link).

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